Love and Pain

My mountains of impossible have opened my eyes to see more of who Jesus is and how wonderfully He works to do things I can’t. My mountains have led me closer to Him out of my deep need and times of despair- now times I wouldn’t trade because of how God has used my neediness to teach and grow me. I still battle fear and anxiety at times. This will probably be ongoing. When this happens I have to recenter my heart and mind on what is true…..I have to preach to myself and remind myself WHO I belong to and that HE will provide everything I need as I depend on Him.

Deep And Messy Is The Way

Any problem or weakness in our life is a gift when it causes us to depend on God and look to Him for the help we need. So, when you feel this way, thank God that He has allowed you to feel needy and to realize you need Him. The Lord is your help and the lifter of your head. Those who look to Him are radiant! They will never be put to shame.


No matter what you are facing today…Choose to worship!

When Hopelessness Meets Hope

In September of 2019, a faithful prayer warrior in our church pulled me aside one night and asked if she could have 5 minutes of my time after the service that night. What she didn’t realize when she asked me to meet her was that I was walking through the hardest weeks of my life. …


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