Many of us are living life in the middle of something. Often, we find ourselves living in the middle of great disappointments, a hard diagnosis, unplanned hardships or difficult circumstances that are out of our control. I have these in my own life, and I am surrounded by friends, family and neighbors weathering the same. My hope is that you can find encouragement, be refreshed and find a safe place of acceptance here. Over the past few years, I’ve learned more about what it means to apply the Bible to our lives as we weather the storms of life. This is something that very much matters so that we can live by strong faith that brings God glory, learn to be joyful in all things, and stand firm in the midst of the hard things of life.

This blog is where I write as worship! We are messy, broken and covered in the grace of God. It isn’t perfect, but we find that there is good in being broken and honest. Simplicity is our goal, though life often feels chaotic. Our hope is to keep it simple and real. I hope you are strengthened in your own journey as we share ours. Thanks for joining us!

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  1. It was my pleasure to visit your page today. Applying Gods word to our life is the key if we are ever going to walk in Him.
    By the way you have a beautiful looking family. May God continue to bless your family and home.


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