When the worst thing that could happen- happens – it’s then the rubber meets the road.  Faith will either sustain you, or it will falter.  How we respond to our calamity determines if we will stand or fall.  

What are you facing today that feels overwhelming and hopeless? Do you have circumstances that are crushing in on you? Maybe you are weary from the long journey and your hope feels like it is faltering. Take heart, if things are tough, then God is at work all around you! There is so much more going on than what our human eyes can see.

Just the other day in Streams in the Desert I read that when we are weak, then we are DYNAMITE.

While the enemy is doing all he can to extinguish the fire of our hope and faith- because of what God has done through Christ Jesus -we are powerfully alive and able to STAND- as we yield our lives to God and trust His way of dealing with us. As we trust His way of making us MORE.

In Christ and Calamity, on page 24 Senkbeil writes, “…the awful truth is that all misery comes from His gracious hand.”    Faith is not faith until it’s been tested. God is greatly glorified as we learn to trust His ways and wait on His deliverance. That means we choose to submit. That means we wait on God trusting that our circumstances are from Him. It also means that we are going to thank God for what’s been handed to us. It doesn’t mean we won’t grieve or that it won’t be hard. But even when our hearts are struggling, we can praise God as warfare.

Photo by Jessica Lewis Creative on Pexels.com

Be faithful and wait on God. Trust that He is working and He will do it at the right time, in the right way! When discouragement crashes in, you will not be overcome. Hold on to your HOPE. God is building you in this fire- as you look to Him.

 “But faith does not hinge on our feelings.  It is rooted firmly in the promises of God,” (Christ and Calamity, page 17).  

There are things I have prayed for over the years and the answers have come through calamity.   It looked like a disaster.   I am learning to trust that God works in ways I would have never imagined- even when all seems lost.  

Stand on God’s promises and believe His word, even when everything you see around you is a disaster.  Believe God. That is vital to growing in our faith and seeing God work in our circumstances.

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com

We must believe and not doubt. He is able to do what we cannot do. In our desperation, He comes and helps us. In our great need, He provides for us. He is the lifter of our heads. Those who hope in Him will never be put to shame.

God is faithful and He is with us as we walk through calamity, pain, hardship, and disappointment.   These difficulties are accomplishing eternal purposes and greater glory as we trust Him by choosing to give thanks and rejoice in all things.

Wait on the Lord, Be strong and take heart. Yes, Wait for the Lord! ( my life verse Psalm 27:14)



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