Friends, it’s been awhile since I sat down to write. Though the blog to come has long been in my heart. The weeks have passed like a blur of activity. Wonderful activity. Our home has been filled with people. That has been good medicine to my heart. How thankful I am for all the faces I’ve seen, friends who have been here as we have celebrated birthdays and a wedding. Even in a pandemic….we are living and loving (and we do show caution as we have lost dear people over the past couple of months from sickness). Yet, My heart is most content when my home is full of life! How good God has been to us.

And on hard days….it’s good to focus on what and who is in front of you, instead of what is not. Be thankful for what you have and the people who surround you. Be present and be thankful. Here are some pictures….I’m not the best at taking pictures of everything. Because I want to enjoy the moments and the people, not getting wrapped up in pictures. I wished I was better at capturing moments to share, but they are all in my heart.

Celebrating before the wedding…..I loved having them all here. Never mind the dog bed and toy in the background.
Enjoying the Champions before the wedding as all the men got dressed at our house.
Like wasn’t he just a boy yesterday……now he’s married. So proud of who he has become.
Dead week….we got to feed these guys…and have some fun with them before finals. LOVE THESE GUYS!!!!!
Trot turned 30…..and we celebrated him BIG.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TROT!!!!! So…when are we gonna start our podcast?
The Old Men….. and our redneck ways. I love these guys.

Tomorrow I hope to post the blog that has been brewing in my heart for over a year.

How are you living in the midst of these uncertain days? What do you have today to be thankful for in the midst of hard or disappointment? How has God shown Himself to be your closest companion and friend during times of loneliness and isolation? Who can you reach out to today and encourage during this Christmas season? Who around you needs to know they are loved and seen? What unexpected blessings has 2020 brought to your life?

Until tomorrow…..


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