Sometimes Kingdom work looks like cinnamon rolls and Mexican food. I really didn’t plan on writing about this, but after I said the above statement to Chuck, he said, “That sounds like another blog.” So here it is.

Recently, a friend and I got together to bake cinnamon rolls. She’s just a breath of fresh air to be around! When we get together, I leave her presence changed, closer to God and more determined to surrender all to Him. On this day we baked, shared updates, and rejoiced as we caught up with one another. Now the cinnamon rolls turned out great, but the conversation was even better. In the course of our time together she spoke these words that impacted my heart greatly, “If Jesus isn’t everything, then He’s nothing.”

Wow! If that were the only words she had said to me all afternoon – it would have been enough.

Jesus is EVERYTHING to this younger friend of mine. I have watched her walk through years of waiting when there seemed (from the human eye) to be no hope. Yet, she believed God’s promises even when there was no tangible proof He was working. When others questioned her waiting and not taking worldly steps to get what she hoped for, she stood firm and waited on God. She believed He would do it . . . and He did! I’ve seen the answers to her prayers with my own eyes.

She believed God.

And we both believe that THE BEST IS YET TO COME.

The BEST is not our lives here on Earth, but our eternal future in Heaven with God.

Another friend and I recently ate at our usual Mexican restaurant. I am always challenged by her wisdom and complete devotion to Jesus. Our conversations are life-giving and I leave better than I came. It was lunch hour and we had a BUNCH to talk about because we had not seen each other in weeks. The main topic this day was about how she was praying and waiting on God in an area of her life. Her determination to not move without God leading her encourages my soul! My friend is looking to God for the help she needs and has made the decision to only move when He directs. That means some things in her life may not make sense to those around her. It means not moving on the world’s time table, but trusting God’s timing in her situation.

And God is with her.

She may wonder if the answer is coming, but she knows He is faithful. He will not fail her because her hope is in Him alone.

She is believing God.

(By the way . . . since I started writing this post until now, I have heard from her and she got her very direct answer from God)

Building the kingdom of God can look like baking cinnamon rolls and grabbing lunch together when the purpose of your time is all about Him. It’s a safe place where hope grows and hearts are encouraged . . . conversation that builds and strengthens when we are weary, discouraged or feel beat up . . . conversations that remind you of the faithfulness of God as you wait . . . we all need these kinds of friendships in our lives. If you don’t have that right now, pray about it! Ask God to bring the right friends into your life to help you be that kind of friend to other people.

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Waiting on God is often hard. We can get weary and it can feel like nothing will ever change. BUT . . . God is not slow about fulfilling His promises. He knows the best time . . . so that HE is greatly GLORIFIED.

It’s all about His glory. I do believe the longer the wait, the greater the glory.

There are some things I have been praying about for a long time. Some of those prayers have been answered. Some have been answered in very unexpected ways. Some were harder to accept, and some were delightful surprises. Some looked like complete failure and devastation (from a surface perspective) but they held a greater purpose. Sometimes bad things are good. God works in very unexpected ways and I love that! I’m always amazed.

So if you are waiting today, be encouraged that you are not forgotten and that God is making a way in your life. You may not see it, but if you are seeking Him and praying faithfully – He is working. Trust His timing and worship as you wait! That part really matters.

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Waiting is a time of getting honest with ourselves. That’s when our impure motives are revealed (along with our selfish desires) and all that ugly human stuff we carry around confronts us. Waiting causes us to ask the question . . . “Is it really more of God that we want or are we just wanting our way to be free of difficulty?”

Are we at a place where His glory is all that matters? Have I laid down the extra stuff I am holding onto that could be hindering my walk with Jesus? Am I wiling to wait as long as it takes? Do I trust Him?

I’m asking myself these questions too. It’s a daily battle to lay everything down and look only to Jesus. It’s so easy to fear or give into discouragement. My flesh so easily takes over, but I don’t want it to ever be about me. I want it to be about Him. Still, I battle to die to myself daily and honestly acknowledge my sinful heart. Confession brings freedom and healing. It’s all part of the sanctification process . . . becoming more like Jesus.

The process of waiting is always accomplishing more than we realize at the moment.

This world is passing away. Pray for spiritual eyes to see and ears to hear. There is so much more than what we see before us. Don’t believe only what you see. We walk by faith, not sight.

Don’t give up or give in.

Because I truly believe, THE BEST IS YET TO COME.

With Joy,


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