Last year I gave this place a new name. Lots of changes were going on in my own life and there was an ongoing theme of NEW MERCY and GREAT IS HIS FAITHFULNESS. So Simplicity in the Chaos became New Mercies Every Day!

Just to sit down in this space and write again….I needed New Mercies! I have to overcome myself ….and my crazy life, to follow through and find the courage to show up!

Life is full. Lots of change has happened. But God calls me back here.

I showed up and started to write. I have 15 unfinished posts. Yet, I’m committed to finishing….because this blog is not about me, it’s all about God and His ability to use even the most unlikely vessel for His purposes and glory. This blog is about HIM and I write out of obedience and worship.

This blog is about a blind faith walk and God doing amazing things in the lives of those who trust Him. This blog is about growth. Living a comfortable life will never result in a growing faith! The struggles and trials we endure are what grow our faith. In fact, today’s devotion in Streams in the Desert said, “There is no way to learn faith except through trials. They are God’s school of faith, and it is much better for us to learn to trust Him than to live a life of enjoyment.”

Now let those words sit deeply with you. What or whom are you seeking daily in your life? Are you embracing the trials and struggles in your life as God’s best for you? Do you believe that somehow He will be glorified by where He has you?

The blog also exist to bring to light that we are not alone in our journeys. The enemy sure loves to use that one…he wants to isolate and deceive us. He wants us defeated. But here we overcome all those lies and speak the Truth.

The enemy loses power when we speak Truth, when we step out of shame and proclaim the goodness of God in our lives. When we can admit that while our lives are not perfect, God is faithful. We can be REAL….we can be seen for who we are, not defined by something that happened to us or something we did.

We can stand in our identity in Christ and proclaim that indeed, Jesus saves. The Gospel is what we cling to and every day of our lives we need to preach the gospel to ourselves so that we know WHO God is, HOW sinful we are by nature, and that we are unable to save ourselves. We must preach the gospel to ourselves declaring WHAT Jesus did on the cross to save us, redeem us, and restore us. HOW great is the love of God because of what’s been done for us, and the relationship we now have directly with God through Jesus.

This blog exists to make much of who God is and encourage others to pursue God above this world. I tend to be wordy, but from here on out, I hope to break down my post into more devotion-like thoughts for the day. God has given me so much to share and I believe we need to drink deeply and slowly- learning to not only hear His word but also to apply it daily to our lives. That is where we find power and strength to live in and for Him.

Today take 1 Thessalonians 5:18 and we will apply it to our lives. “In EVERYTHING give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” Today, let’s practice thankfulness for everything He allows in our lives, receiving it as His instruction, His love and provision, His correction and protection, and most of all His BEST for growing us up in HIM.

Writing as Worship,


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  1. I’m so grateful to be used by God. Nothing I did but something God gives through his grace. The world is uncertain but one thing I do know, people are hungry for the word and we are to be used as God instrument. Love your blog and it fills my soul with nourishment. Never stop my friend.

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