So, here I am being brave. Stepping out of my comfort zone and doing a new thing. God has challenged me to lay stones of remembrance over the past year. Starting this blog will document some of the stones that have been laid, telling of the goodness and faithfulness of God while walking through the dark valley of the unknown. It’s simple things that have spiritual significance, reminding me of God’s care, provision and faithfulness.

This is the beginning. Why is it so hard to just begin? I get stuck and paralyzed, failing to just start….. and that applies to many things in my life. If I will only start…then somehow, I find the courage to do the next thing and it’s not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. Sometimes, you just have do it scared. Like when my neighbor texted me recently that she her granddaughter wanted to swim, but she had a snake in the pool. I grabbed my machete and headed over. The snake was small, but honestly, I was terrified as I used her pool net to lift the tiny snake out of the pool. Then I had to kill it (yes, because I wasn’t sure if it was a good snake or a bad snake). I did the job, but it was awful and I was terrified. But I did it! So today, what’s holding you back from starting something new? What is your heart calling you to start? What around your house have you avoided and procrastinated because you just. can’t. start. Do one thing! And I bet that will lead to second thing. Victory is waiting my friend…. yes, victory, even when it’s the laundry or a cluttered closet. That one thing will give you the encouragement you need to do the next thing and those small victories matter! Many things in life start with small things, that in the end, are small things that have purpose and direct our lives. Learning discipline and faithfulness often start with how we handle the small things we’ve been given.

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  1. This is so true, letting things pile up can be stressful later and ignoring is just simply not heahtly for body mind and soul. Daily cleansing is good for all of us. I just sometimes get in a rut. Only to find myself talking to God for my rug attitude. I thank you for being real my friend.

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