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Overcomer!!! For months, many months, I hear, “Start the blog.” Just the thought brought me to tears. I don’t even think I wanted to start this blog. But as I read through my journals, I was amazed at all God has done (and IS doing). What God has done for us privately, many times, deserves to be proclaimed with worthy words. Can you identify with these feelings, you feel God wants you step out of your comfort zone and just say, YES, yet you feel paralyzed to take the next step. Feelings of inadequacy surface and you realize you are not equipped for the task. Still, God calls us in this very place of neediness to just obey, just do it and see what happens when we obey and wait on Him. He’s calling us to obey, to follow with reckless abandon so that we might know Him and glorify Him. I so want to do that and I bet you do, too. So here’s my step into the unknown, my yes in the midst of fear….. I invite you to join me in the journey of reckless abandon in the pursuit of testifying to the faithfulness of God.

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